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Who We Are

Channel One Australia is a distinguished boutique investment and promotion agency. Established in 2020 by a consortium of seasoned investors and advisors in Sydney, the company boasts an expansive network of investors. This network includes venture capitalists, private equity firms, family offices, angel investors, and institutional investors, spanning across both domestic and international landscapes. The enduring success of Channel One Australia can be attributed to its adept utilization of the robust foundation meticulously cultivated by its founders over the preceding three decades.

What We Do

Channel One Australia operates on two fundamental business pillars: direct investment and capital raising.

In the realm of direct investment, Channel One Australia boasts its proprietary syndicate fund tailored for early-stage and rapidly expanding enterprises exhibiting substantial global market potential. The company's direct investment endeavours are strategically concentrated across sectors such as advanced manufacturing, primary industries, consumer brands, as well as international trade-related technologies and e-commerce platforms. While its investment mandates remain flexible regarding the developmental stages and sizes of potential ventures, they do stipulate a prerequisite for targeted projects to demonstrate pronounced growth potential, positioning them as niche or industry frontrunners. Alongside the syndicate fund, Channel One Australia also source investment targets for institutional investors and industry investors from abroad, especially Asia.

Furthermore, Channel One Australia undertakes the responsibility of orchestrating capital-raising initiatives for businesses, both as a Project Manager and a proficient promotion agency. A distinctive forte of the company lies in its extensive network of domestic and international investors, affording a strategic advantage in these endeavours.

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