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Direct Investment

Channel One Australia sources investment targets for both our own syndicate fund and some of major investors abroad.


Our Syndicate Fund

Our syndicate fund focused on businesses operating within the following sectors:

  • ESG-related or EST-compliant products or services

  • Consumer goods production and /or brands

  • Global trade technology: AI, blockchain, traceability, etc.

If you operate in the industry sectors above, and are currently a niche market leader or possess the potential to become one, and your business boasts sustainable and unique competitive advantages, while actively seeking seed funding or growth equity funds, we urge you to contact us today.


We do not only bring in financial resources but also potential distribution channels through our portfolio companies which focus on Asia trade services and distribution.

Source Investment Targets for Investors from Abroad

We are entrusted by significant investors, particularly those within our Asian networks, to identify investment projects.


The sectors of interest encompass:

  • Mining

  • Agricultural production

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Hospitality


Furthermore, we collaborate with investors on post-investment business strategies and organizational structures to expedite their growth.

At Channel One Australia, our commitment extends beyond mere financial investment; we also infuse our expertise and expansive network to fuel the growth of your business. Our ultimate objective is to maximize the value of the projects we invest in.

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Project assessment


We place less emphasis on your current business stage and the capital size you seek, and instead prioritize your competitive edge and potential to emerge as a leader within your sector or industry.

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Capital and resources investment

We invest not only financially but also non-financially, contributing our expertise and leveraging our extensive business network.

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Growth strategy and sustainability

Effective post-investment management stands as a critical success factor for any fund. We are consistently eager to offer novel and fresh perspectives and channel resources for strategy development and the growth of businesses.

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