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Who We Are

Channel One Australia is a niche leading consultancy and service provider in assisting businesses from overseas to engage Australian market, source from Australia or invest and grow in Australia. Our extensive business network covers Australian businesses across a broad range of industry sectors from advanced manufacturing, agriculture, cosmetics, health supplements, education, bio-tech, infrastructure and construction to wholesale and retail. Our specialists in each sector does not only have extensive connections and industry expertise but also  master in-depth understanding of the local government and business system, which makes it an easy journey for new market entrants , investors and procurement groups to do business with/in Australia.

Our team consists of leading experts in various industry sectors, which is supported by the Advisory Board consisting of the most prestigious business leaders, senior government officials and leading industry bodies' representative. 

Contact us today to find out how to partner with us.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Leverage our local industry expertise and networks to speed up your business growth;

  • Reduce risks and upfront costs in market entry and expansion, sourcing and investment;

  • Build critical local market insights in a most effective and efficient way.

What we do

We provide practical solutions for overseas businesses to enter and expand in  the Australian market, build solid distribution channels, promote brands, select suppliers, manufacturing partners and investment target, and build you critical connections for further growth in Australia. You may find more from our pages on export to Australia, import from Australia, and invest in Australia.

Contact us today to find out how to partner with us.

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